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Register Company and business.

If You want to be in Thailand for a long time

 or if you want to open business in Thailand we will help and support you. Tax and acounting is not expansive in Thailand. But if you not ask an account manager to collect information for you ,it may be mind blowing ! 

Our acountants and lawyers are at your service.

Visa :

Visa for short stay or long stay in Thailand. We offer all type of Visas with 100% gaurantee! Visa renewal will be difficult or impossible without an experienced lawyer.We have done many iposssible cases for many people.

    Retierment Visa : If you are more than 50 years old this visa is for long stay

    and renewal is easy.

    Non O-B visa : 3 months Visa to open a bussiness.

    Education Visa : If you want to study languages in Thailand, or if you are

    under 50 years old and need long time Visa then one of the ways is ED-visa.

    Business Visa : If you want to open business and work in Thailand then we

    will help to have a work permit and business Visa.

    Tourist Visa extension/Visa run

Work Permit:

If you want to work in Thailand , you will need a work Permit.Having a work permit will help you to have some other benefits like Credit Card and some social services.

Properties Consultant:

To own a house/Land or free Hold place as a foreigner the law in Thailand has some limits. But our lawyer will help you to own your dream free hold property at a very low price.Properties in Thailand are really inexpensive and you will enjoy this if you have a good consultant.